Growing Creative Capital in Diverse Communities


Diverse Academies of Professional Arts (DAPA) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded on the belief that to nurture the growth of innovative critical thinkers that will serve as competent and competitive contributors to a global community, we must promote innovation through creativity. As advocates for equity in arts and technology, DAPA’s Mission is to provide professional quality technical arts and trades training, economic regeneration, and cultural innovation in underrepresented communities.

Our Programs

Fostering the Growth of the Collective

Working through a network of nonprofits and for-profits, government agencies, artists, consultants, students and educators via a portfolio of programs, DAPA foundation creates vibrant community hubs and partnerships that foster motivated, engaged, and directed innovators poised to bridge the technical divide. Our stakeholders include technical artists, adults and children, the business community, policymakers, and everyone in between.


Access & Scholarships

We support students of all ages with training costs and expenses related to obtaining or advancing skills in the technical arts and trades through our scholarship programs. Our goal is to ensure disenfranchised communities are connected at home and have access to digital literacy and technical arts education.


Fiscal Sponsorship

Once accepted into our Fiscal Sponsorship Program, an organization has the ability to apply for and accept grants that require 501(c)(3) status for projects that serve the public good that are in alignment with our mission. Donors, foundations, and corporations are able to donate funds to DAPA specifically for the purpose of supporting a sponsored project. DAPA then administers those funds to the project and assures that funds are spent for their designated purpose.



Developing partnerships with business and industry leaders is not only essential for keeping programs relevant, it is a powerful way to ensure program growth. Industries are looking for viable programs that positively impact communities and these program need industry support. We connect the industry to partners and programs that are making an impact.